Surfing Unlimited Facebook Using Globe Unlisurf for Mobile Phones.

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As the popularity of Facebook increases, so are those who are capitalizing on it. Many services and gadgets nowadays are supporting access to FB accounts and pages. Telcos here in the Philippines are now offering unlimited surfing for 24 hours of some
social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, etc. to mobile users.

I am a loyal Globe user for 8 years; I am satisfied for all their services, especially their excellent connectivity and over the air Internet browsing. So, I got curious and decided to try their Unlisurf service for Facebook, a 24 hours unlimited access to FB account. It costs 20 PHP to subscribe to the said service and it is bundled with access to, which is a service that allows updates to multiple social networking sites. I received a notification through SMS the instant I subscribed to the service that my Unlisurf is active for the next 24 hours. I use my Nokia N97 to browse, which I am excited to make use of the full browser access rather than using the mobile version of Facebook. The Nokia N97 has 4 ways to access Facebook, excluding via SMS. First is through the built in Facebook widget that can be displayed on the main screen. Next is the mobile site, where the Globe Unlisurf directs the subscriber. Third is the Touch site. And the last is the full browser, the same as what you see on your PCs. But to my dismay, the 24 hours service is only limited to the mobile site. When I use the Facebook widget, the full browser and the Touch Site of the N97, Globe credited me the usual 5 PHP per 15 minutes use of Internet. I was really disappointed because I thought that I can access my account whichever way I want to access it since they don’t specify that it can only be accessed through the mobile site. Since I was using my prepaid sim card that time, the remaining 60 PHP was consumed without me knowing I was credited for surfing my Facebook account.

The experience kind of taught me to check first and not believe on what advertisements say. It’s partly my fault for not checking thoroughly, but I do hope that when they say surfing is unlimited for Facebook account they specify that it is unlimited whichever we use, the full browser, the touch site, or in my case the Nokia N97 widget.

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tama. ganyan din nangyari sakin..

i also subscribed to unlisurf 20for 24 hours,im so excited to use the unlisurf offer coz i got to connect to my facebook account, i loaded 100 pesos so i still have 80 pesos left on my credit load, i enjoy the social site without knowing all it was all charged as whats the use of unlisurf?im so dissapointed,after that incedent happened,i never get able to subscribed anymore to the offer.

Unisurf promo is good for mobile version of Facebook only.

yea right . ganyan den nangyari sken nasayang lng ung credit ko nagunli ako ng 30 days pero di ko sya ngamiw :(

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