Digibox and Skybroadband Trivia Application on Facebook

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I was watching a certain movie this evening on Starmovies when an infotext pops out of my television’s screen. Blamed it on the Sky Cable Digibox, it irritates me when they popped in announcements during a good show.  I had a hard time locating the remote control so I was kind of forced to read the notice on the screen. Apparently,
Skybroadband made a Facebook application called Skybroadband Trivia Application.

I was really irritated that moment. Advertisements nowadays are somewhat obtrusive. You can find it anywhere and anytime.  Back to the story, so I read the info on the television screen. I tried to forget about it but it somewhat urged me to go in front of my laptop and find out about this new thing Sky Cable is promoting. The Skybroadband Trivia Application is a Facebook application. Obviously, anyone with a Facebook account can access it. The questions are a little hard and you have to finish the fastest time you can to be placed in the leader boards.  By the way, they are giving away prizes for the top players. An iPod Touch 32 GB, for February, a Canon Power Shot A2000 Digital IS for March, a Samsung Preston Touch Phone for April and Portable speakers for consolation prizes. And the big thing is they are giving an Apple Macbook for the top player during the entire period of promotion (January 4 to April 8 2010).

So I tried the application on Facebook. The questions are hard at first, but as you get to familiarize with the questions you can finish it quickly and accurately. But the problem is some players kind of took advantage of this because when I looked at the leaderboard, the top players have an amazingly record of 32 seconds! So that’s a second per question since there’s a total of 30 questions to answer. I even thought at first that they are cheating and even searched the Internet for cheat list or something.  Anyways, here’s the link to the application: Skybroadband Trivia Overload. Still, I hate the Digibox thing and how it kind of delays my watching session. My television that is not connected with it is 5 seconds advanced to broadcast the programs. Plus navigating chanels with it is kind of slow.

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