Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7 Update: Problem with URL Input

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I just finished Updating my Mozilla Firefox Browser to 3.5.7 which is currently its latest version. The update took few minutes and was able to use it without having to reboot my laptop. I noticed no significant change from the previous version, nothing that stands out. But there seems to be a problem, something I’m not used to. Before the update, when I enter a certain URL I just have to press ENTER key and the webpage will load. But after the update, the Pressing the Enter key won’t do a thing, you have to press the blue arrow key to go to where that URL leads to. At first I thought that after rebooting the PC, the problem will be fixed, yet it stays the same.

So what’s new after the Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7 update? Here’s the list of the new features according to the Mozilla page:

Private Browsing: “Sometimes it’s nice to go undercover. When this feature is enabled, you won’t leave a single browsing fingerprint behind for others to discover. You can slip in and out of private browsing mode quickly, so it’s easy to return to what you were doing before as if nothing ever happened (you can also browse privately all the time).”

Forget This Site: “Having second thoughts about having visited a certain Web site? With this feature, you can remove every trace of that site from your browser—no questions asked!”

The rest are just improvements of their features like speed, bookmarking, password management, tabs, customization, etc. To read  more about the improvements and update your Mozilla Firefox to 3.5.7, click here.

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