The Ease of Paying at Bayad Centers

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Paying bills can be stressful, not only you have to come up with the amount to pay on time but also you have to suffer allocating time to go through paying bills before the due date. Long lines and different locations for the payment centers is a waste of time. Good thing is there are now Bayad Centers located at strategic spots that accept over-the-counter multiple bills payment.

Before, I have to go over at Meralco, Bayantel, and Sky Cable Centers in order to pay the bills, only to waste money and wait on a long queue of line. Now, I only have to present my Statement of account, pay and make sure I’ll get a machine validated receipt, and then I’m done.  What bills can you pay at these Bayad Centers? You can pay for utilities, telephone, cellular phone, Internet, cable TV, electronic money, some credit card, SSS, some real estate and even to charities you want to donate to. For a complete list of bills to pay click here. For the complete list of locations of Bayad Centers click here. By the way, All SM Malls have a Bayad Center and they are not included in the list.

Right now, they are expanding their services and also adding branches to more locations to cater to the needs of busy people. They also offer franchise of Bayad Centers for those who want to be partners, also known as Bayad Centerpreneurs.

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