Facebook to Ask For Payment?

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There’s a circulating rumor that Facebook will start to ask payment from users starting July 2010. Fan pages like NO! I WILL NOT PAY $3.99/MONTH TO USE FACEBOOK STARTING JULY 9, 2010! JOIN, with 100,000 fans and counting are even created. The said to be amount for a month use per user ranges from a dollar to $5. Who are they kidding?! Believing this is just like agreeing with someone else telling you that Google will charge us for their web search service.

Facebook is one of the top visited sites from all around the world; it ranked 2 in Alexa ranking tailing Google as the most visited sites. Writing this made me realize that Yahoo came in third, which is not a surprise at all. So, as the second top visited site, do you think that Facebook needs to charge its users? No way. Like all websites out there, Facebook earn through advertisements shown in every page. Now, if the famous social networking site implements a fee for every user, they are going to lose a lot of users resulting to less page impressions, thus leading to less revenue.

Anyways, let me share to you guys a picture I stumbled upon regarding the issue of FB implementing payment of their services. Here it is:

So, please stop worrying and spamming others about Facebook going to be a paid service. Just ignore the rumors and just laugh about those who are too ignorant to believe about such non sense.

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