Free SMS Text Messaging Using Facebook (uLink)

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Filipinos love sending tons of text messages every day. And what Filipinos love more? Sending their SMS free of charge! There’s a new way of sending message to all your friends and love ones without busting your mobile phone network provider. And the fun part of it is you can enjoy the service without installing anything on your computer, you just need your Facebook account and you’re all set to go.

uLink is a Facebook application that allows you to send SMS text message to all networks in the Philippines. Whether it is Globe, Sun Cellular, Smart, TM, Talk and Text or Red Mobile, you can enjoy unlimited text messaging anytime, in any place of the Philippines. I have still to try the service if it can send to a roaming number overseas.

I know that it is no way to completely abandon your mobile phones, but it can help save a great amount of money. I recommend uLink to those who have unlimited Internet. The downside is SMS length is limited only to 130 characters. uLink is also ad supported, so don’t be surprised if you’re directed to a new web page after sending the SMS message. Visit uLink Facebook application or their website.

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