Jejemons Are Uncool, And So Are The Jejebusters

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With the recent fuss about Jejemons these past months on Social Networking sites. More people are aware of these so called creatures. Anti Jejemons pages, websites and fan sites are almost everywhere with the purpose of making everyone aware of how “jologs” these people are.  

But now, the usage of the word Jejemon is applied to almost all not so cool stuffs, being a gangster wannabe, fashion victims, etc. People are tagging everyone they hate as Jeje and posting their pictures or a screenshot of their pages to Anti Jejemon sites. Most joins group pages of Jejebusters just to show that they are not a Jejemon or they are the “In crowd”.

So what about these Jejebusters? Is making someone the butt of the joke cool? So what if these Jejemons have their own language (which until now I have a hard time reading and understanding)? Jejebusters is synonymous to haters. Hating won’t make you cool. Be thankful for these Jejes for they are the one who make the cool people looks cooler.

PS. Jeje language is different to Leet (L33t).

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