Free WiFi, Free Internet!

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Free WiFi, anyone? Because of the sudden increase of sales of portable WiFi enabled devices, Filipinos are now connected on the go. Emails, Networking sites and surfing of must need information is now accessible anywhere, everywhere. Almost. 

Gone are the days when people rely to slow GPRS connection. Gone are the days when people try hard desperately to hack Opera Mini to get free internet connection via Smart and Globe Telecoms. What are people doing right now is sniffing WiFi signals in their neighborhood, malls, hotels, bars and restos. 

So where exactly can you get free WiFi in Philippines? Here’s the list:

  • Your neighbor’s unsecured router. I used to do this!
  • Malls. SM Malls, Robinsons and most of the malls nationwide has free WiFi.
  • Bars and Restos. Bars that offers free connection requires you to ask them for their WEP or Password which they change from time to time.
  • Hotels. You need to ask the receptionist for the WEP too!
  • McDonalds. Most McDo branches have free WiFi.
  • Burger King.
  • And any other place. Somewhere, somehow there’s an unsecured Wifi. Using unsecured WiFi is legal as long as you’re not using it maliciously.

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