One, Two, Three Go!

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Here are my top favorite places for running and Jogging: 

Amoranto Stadium. Not only because it’s a walk from my place but because I can run around the 400 meters track up to 10pm in the evening and as early as 6am. Sometimes you’ll have to pay 5 php to jog around but most of the times it’s free. You can’t run during Wednesdays and Sundays because it’s occupied by worshipers of Jesus Miracle Crusade. It is also closed during concerts and other events.

Quezon City Circle. This place is bigger and better than running around stadiums. You can also rent bicycles or play soccer, have a picnic with the family or have fun in the playgrounds, if you want a different activity aside from running. The place is packed with trees and some greens but the smoke of the jeepneys and other vehicles outside make it not ideal for those with lung problems.

UP Diliman. The 1.2 kilometers oval is perfect for serious runners. The place is secluded and far from air pollution. The scenery is just right and relaxing you’ll forget about worries for a while. And another reason why I love this place is because of the love for street foods, that’s another story… There are a lot of runners especially at night and bikers are also welcome at this place.

Any place for me will do as long as the terrain is suitable for running. My music plugged to my ears, my shoes on my feet some hydration fluids and I’m good to go. Happy running!

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