Merienda at Ma Mon Luk is No Better than eating Kinalas from Naga City

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I got curious why there are always a lot of people eating at Ma Mon Luk in Banawe. So I tried eating there by myself this afternoon. I ask for the menu and choose Original Mami and Special Siopao with a glass of Cola. The mami is not what I expected as I’m assuming that it’ll taste so good you’ll always want to eat there on your merienda. The siopao is good but I taste Siopaos way better than theirs.  I paid a total of 165 PhP for that merienda thinking that I ordered the small sized Mami.

Going home, I suddenly long for my hometown in Camarines Sur, a place where you’ll get satisfied with a 50 PhP worth of snacks.  In Naga City, we have a version of Mami called Kinalas. It’s the best version of Mami I tasted so far. I remember eating at “Tiya Kamot”in Solid Street, Tiya Cely’s at Barlin Street, Kinalas Twin at Dayangdang and of course Bolofers in front of Nagaland E-Mall. 

Kinalas is almost the same as Mami except for the soup that comes from either a cow's or pig's head, which is boiled until the flesh falls off, hence the name kinalas. It is similar to log-log, except for the thick brown sauce which I believe is made from liver. It costs just around 30 PhP and you can opt for additional egg and chicharon. Kinalas is best paired with baduya, otherwise known as sinapot in some parts of Camarines Sur. Baduya is made from banana fried with flour. And the best part of it? You’ll only spend 80 PhP max even with a glass of Cola with it.

So, I’m sorry Ma Mon Luk, yours may be the oldest and the most popular Mami in the Philippines but the best for me is still the Kinalas of Naga City. And I want mine Spicy!

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