I’m hotter Than You

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I just watched the third installment of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. My sister gave me a free ticket making me no excuse to see the movie. The movie is great, especially the exchange of words between Jacob Black and Edward Cullen. But what is the most unforgettable line in the movie is the “You know I’m hotter than you” by Jacob Black to Edward Cullen.
The typical teen today is almost like Bella Swan. Confusion between love and physical attraction, the love is all that matters attitude and other characteristics of a normal teenager. The personality of Jacob, which is more human than Edward, is whom I appreciate since he is true to himself and what shows how a real man acts and thinks. Edward Cullen, okay, let’s forgive him since he’s not human. But there’s no way a man would act like that. That scene in the tent would turn out to be a disaster if it’s in real life. But let’s forgive him for he’s wise enough because of his old age. 

If I’m Edward and Jacob told me that I’m hotter than you line, I would simply say back “You may be hotter, but at least I’m harder”.  Use your imagination.

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