NBA Finals 2010 Up to Game 7

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My prediction is that Lakers versus Celtics will reach a game 7. I mean, NBA is all about business right? So, why not end the finals with a sweep? Because you can earn more with 7 games. That simple. It’ll not be a surprise to see a tied up 3-3 on game 6. Yes, this might sound crazy like any other conspiracy stuff, but it’s not a bad idea.

I’m not an NBA fan but when asked whom I choose between Boston Celtics and LA Lakers, I’ll choose without a second thought, the Celtics. In fact I’ll choose any team that don’t have Kobe Bryant in it. How I hate that guy. I gave up playing basketball long time ago. I did enjoyed the game, but after years of dribbling, running, shooting, stealing, crossovers and stuffs, I felt that playing a game of basketball is just like every other game you played from the past. Repetition of what is happening. I moved from different sports to other sports and I end up skateboarding where it’s not even a real sport. Guess I’m not into team plays and stuff, but I sure do know that basketball players are the most self centered people on earth.

Going back to the NBA Finals, if my prediction is right I hope that in the 7th Game of the NBA Finals 2010, Boston will be the champions. Booo Lakers fans! Want to bet on it?

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