Manila Beer or San Mig Light?

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Manila just celebrated its 439th founding anniversary last June 24th and along with it is the launch and rebirth of Manila Beer of Asia Brewery. Yes, same Manila Beer of PBA with Ramon Fernandez as the front player.  

And just last night, we tried this drinking place called Pax Grill along Dr. Garcia St. in Quezon City. There’s a celebration going on that looks like a group of ex seminarian is celebrating a friend’s birthday. Still, we pushed through. So, we ordered a bucket of the usual San Mig Light, but the girl who took our orders told us they ran out of San Mig Lights. She offered two alternatives, the Manila Beer or Pale Pilsen. Of course, out of curiosity I convinced my friends to try Manila Beer.

What we ordered is the Manila Beer Lights. It tastes a lot more like Colt 45 with a noticeable fullness of Malt and sweeter than SML. It’s a little hot on the body though it’s only 5% alcohol. I managed to finish a bottle but decided that San Miguel and Red Horse Beer are still my choices of beer. Fortunately they were able to fill their stock of San Mig Lights after we finished the bucket. We finished 3 buckets of San Mig Lights after that when a waiter informed us if we want another bucket of Manila Beer courtesy of the seminarians. We accepted the offer and thanked them. This time the regular version of Manila Beer is served to us. The taste is almost the same with the Light variation but with 7% alcohol content. 

The verdict: Manila Beer is a good alternative to San Miguel but I guess, I’ll always go for my first choice.

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Try Pivo Praha (last philippine made microbrew) in 1331 Angono Street, Makati right beside city hall. Or try Gilmore wines Aurora cor Gilmore ave in QC for a beer education. Im sure you would enjoy. They just gave me and a couple of friends a crash course in what real beer is. Cheers!

Thanks for the advice! Will try the one in Gilmore since it's near to my place.

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