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Looks like Facebook is planning to enter the user generated question and answer service like that of Yahoo, answers.com and other Q&A services.  On the lower right of a user’s home page you’ll see a Get a Facebook Sneak Peak” with Apply to be a beta tester and get the first look at upcoming Facebook products link. 

“As a beta tester, your job will be to ask great questions and provide great answers about your favorite topics. Economics? Skydiving? Relationships? Mexican Restaurants? It's up to you. You'll be the first person outside of Facebook to use this product. Your expert writing will be seen by tens of millions of people — including job recruiters. And we'll bring our best beta testers out to California to tour Facebook headquarters and meet the team.” As stated in the landing page of the link.

Looks like Facebook is on its way to dominating the entire World Wibe Web. I’m not surprised if they’ll have a Web Search Engine of their own like Google’s. I’m sure Google will get intimidated and shaken when that time comes. As of now, Facebook search is using Bing Search Engine along with their search results.

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