What’s New with iPhone 4?

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Nothing, really nothing. So what if its screen resolution is improved? And the FaceTime video call is a big joke. That technology is from year 2006 and iPhone OS4 can only do its video call through WiFi and only through iPhone 4 to iPhone 4. 

The new camera will be shooting in 5 Megapixel. Wow! 5 MP. Nokia is about to release a 12 MP touch screen phone called the Nokia N8... Yes, I have to admit I am a Nokia Fan. I like other phones too. But please not Apple iPhone. It is just all about the hype, technology branded by Steve Job as “new” that is from 4 years ago. 

In the US the iPhone 4G 16GB will be priced at 199 US dollars while the 32GB will go for 299 US dollars. I’m sure it’ll be too expensive when it’s available here in the Philippines. And I’m also pretty sure will be buying these worthless craps just to show off their “new”iPhone 4G. Whatever...

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