Just Got Paid by Weegy and Quicktate

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I was able to reach the $20 mark for Weegy and they immediately credited my earnings to my PayPal account on the same day I reached the minimum amount to cash out. That’s fast. Learn more about Weegy here. Below is the proof of payment.

Quicktate also paid my first payment to my PayPal account. I was only able to reach $23 because I was able to work on it for a few days and don’t took it seriously before. Learn more about Quicktate here. Below is the proof of payment.

I withdraw the amount from my PayPal account to my Union Bank Eon Cyber Account today and it will take 2-4 days for it to be credited on my bank account. I guess I have to take these online gigs seriously and dedicate more time to it for me to earn more. 

For other work at home that pays through PayPal, go to this link.

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is this for real sis? can you teach me how to do this kind of work? i really need cash now because my contract in kgb just expired yesterday. please pm me heartbleed13@yahoo.com

Yes. Although Quicktate's server is not stable, it's still a good way of making money. I do got paid every cut off like a real job.

Hi. I saw your post on PEx that says you "have an idea how to maximize earning sa Weegy". Member na ako and I can't seem to get any question on the site e. May I ask for advice? Here's my email: phantazmagor@yahoo.com


hey there! congrats and thanks for sharing! ill check it out

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