Rock and Run and a Whole Lot of Rain.

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I should be sleeping right now because I’m dead tired after the Rock and Run Event. Well, the run should be named Rain and Run because of the heavy, storm like rain that pours before and all throughout the entire race. The bands that were supposed to perform were not able to make it but the organizers pushed through with the race. It rained hard but the runners ran harder.

I’m not sleepy yet coz I drank a lot of Redbull and Pocari Sweat during and after the race. So, here’s the story of my first run during a heavy rain.

All of us are waiting for the start of the run in the starting line. A stage was set up where bands were supposed to perform. It was Brigada with their loud banging and rolling of their drums that performed first. But, even before the warm up started, rain poured so hard that all were forced to seek shelter.  

5:45 and still there’s no sign of the rain stopping. Some of the 10k runners go back to the finish line as organizers assured that the race will push through. I’m in the 5k category so I stayed dry under the Showroom of Honda along 28th Street. 6:00 came and as expected, the 10k runners run wild under the pouring rain. Immediately after the 10k runners cleared the starting point, 5k runners filled the area. Shouting and chanting in the crowd erupts as we are all waiting for the gun start. Still, there’s no sign of the rain stopping to pour all its might. Sound of a bang and off we go, running and thrashing and screaming wildly under the rain, we raced on. Visibility is almost down to 70% at some time of the race since it’s hard to see when rain drops hits our faces.  But all seemed to be enjoying the rain. Water stops are stationed after every 2 kilometres of the track as expected, though it seems there’s no need of hydration.  To make the long story short, I finished the run around 30 mins. Not bad under harsh conditions. I still have to beat my sister cause she’s always the better runner.

I enjoyed the race. Really. Even if the band was not able to perform, even if there’s almost no freebies to grab (only a reusable bag from Toby’s, a bottle of Pocari Sweat and a granola bar was given), still I can say that it’s the best running experience for me. I was able to experience running under harsh condition. I was able to test my strength and discipline. And I was able to prove to myself that nothing can stop me if I’m determined.  To the Sponsors and Organizers of the “Rain and Run”, even with the absence of the Rock Bands, all of you Rock! Till the next race. 

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