HP p6340d With Windows 7

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I got a new desktop yesterday. With a tight budget of 30,000 PhP, I stumbled upon the new HP p6340d and instantly fell in love with it. I bought my new baby at Silicon Valley in Trinoma as it goes with a UPS and a free HP Deskjet D2660 printer. The other stores just offered a free webcam which I don't need.

Here's the specs of the HP p6340d.

The Windows 7 OS is smooth and easy to use. Start up time is less than a minute. Well, I’m not really a techy person but I just love using it now compared to using my old HP Pavilion Laptop using Microsoft Vista. The 20” LCD HP 2009f with built in speaker is just perfect. With this new set up, I’ll be inspired to blog more.

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