Facebook for Android Can't Leave Comment Bug

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The Facebook for Android Application is getting worse with every update. There was an issue before with News Feed not working properly and now users can’t leave a comment on other users’ status. Another thing, when posting a status using the Facebook for Android app, it would only show “posted via mobile”, not the usual “posted via Android” thingy. My suspicion is the old problem with the News Feed is not really fixed and Facebook kind of ported the mobile version of Facebook to the News Feed page. 
If you’re a Facebook for Android user, you can leave a comment on a status by either waiting for somebody to leave a comment first, or by going to the user’s profile and leaving a comment on the status. I recommend the latter.  If you guys are experiencing the same problem, hit the comment button below.

Comments (14)

Yep, noticed it today. Driving me crazy!

Yep. Me too. Stupid

Yes, can't stand it.

Never had the problem before but it has suddenly appeared

I can't comment on anything that someone wrote when i go from notifications directly to comment

I never complain about Facebook updates until now. It's failing like MySpace.

Also, why did they make managing events so.difficult on the Android over the past few years? It's a PITA trying to use thr desktop site on my phone.

I can't comment on my own statuses, or posts I make on other people's walls, from my phone. This is irritating - if I get notifications but I can't reply to them what's the point in having notifications on the go?

Is this going to get fixed anytime soon??

One small problem with this work around. If you a viewing a "page" more specifically a user comment on a page it is impossible to comment. This bug does not need half assed work arounds. It needs a fix.

Same problem here...glad I'm the only one having this issue..

I just can't imagine how they're that stupid and silly.

Anyone know how we can fix it, or when the developers fix it

Please fix this bug. I can not post comments with my Android using the Facebook app. It just sits there an keeps saying "loading" forever.

the same happens to me :P

how do we solve the problem?

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