Why Joining a Group Buying Site a Bad Idea

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The first and last time I wrote about Group Buying Sites was last January. I had an optimistic initial reaction about them thinking that I’ll be able to save money when spending on discounted items/deals. But after being bombarded with offers on my emails, SMS and Facebook News Feeds, I realized that I don’t really need to spend on those things. What happened is I received a lot of unwanted adverts leading to temptation to spend on things I don’t even need. 

I can always unsubscribe to emails, block a Facebook Page on my News Feed but how about those text messages I receive? And to realize that I’m receiving a SMS message from a Group Buying Site I don’t remember signing up with. 

I know there are individuals who enjoy spending on great deals on group buying sites, good for them. I also heard of bad experiences with them. Some are scammed, mislead, had a bad customer service experience, etc. Not that I’m discouraging others on joining these sites, if you really want to splurge your money on great deals, it’s your own decision. But you might want to think before purchasing a deal that is advertised on a group buying site. Is it really something I need? Do I understand the whole deal? Is it really as good as advertised?
From my own experience, a deal looks more appealing when many already bought the coupon. You’ll usually see the number of person (who bought the deal) and the time remaining ticking away creating that urge to not let a good deal slip away. The group mentality will start to kick in thinking that since many bought the deal, it must be something interesting.

A word of advice, if you're spending money you weren't planning to spend, or money you can't afford, it's not really going to end up being a bargain at all.

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