Yahoo Mail for Android Notification Bug

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My Yahoo Mail for Android used to work perfectly, but this morning it started to act weird. I was surprised when I heard the notification sound go off as if there were tons of messages going through my inbox. When I picked up my phone, I did saw there were more than 30 unread messages, which is a surprise since I usually get an average of 8 messages overnight (3 accounts combined). But when I checked my inbox, there were only around 7 unread messages. So, I thought it was just a little bug. But after a few minutes, I received the same 30+ unread notifications again with just 1 unread message in the inbox. It happened for every mail I was getting. 

So, I decided to check if other Yahoo Mail Users are getting the same problem. I checked the Android market and there I read comments of the same problem on the Yahoo Mail for Android Application page. My initial solution was to turn off the annoying new mail notification sound since it was interfering with my nap. I did try rebooting my phone but the notification problem was not solved. So, I tried the ultimate solution by uninstalling and reinstalling the Yahoo Mail application. The last step solved the bug and it is now working the perfectly.

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