I Love Chicken Bon Chon!

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I was walking around Robinson’s Galleria yesterday and passed by Chicken Bon Chon. Since I heard a lot of good things about this place, I decided to give it a try. But since I was alone, I ordered 6 pcs. chicken wings hot and spicy and 2 fish tacos for takeout.

For the takeout test, it took me 45 minutes to get home and I was surprised how the chicken wings retained its crispiness. It is so flavourful and the hot and spicy did not disappoint my spicy tongue.

Since my 9 year old niece, Alexia, did not want to try the hot and spicy chicken wings, I gave her one of the fish tacos. She’s a really picky eater but did not hesitate on trying the fish taco (she judges the food as edible or not just by the look of it). And when I asked her if she liked it, she said “nagustuhan ko”.  

I will definitely be going back to Chicken Bon Chon and will recommend it to my friends.

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