How to Make an Android App of Your Website?

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Do you want to make a mobile application for your blog or website but don’t know how? You’re lucky because you’re reading this awesome blog of mine and I’ll teach you how to make an Android app of your website. It’s so easy and it doesn’t require any programming skills.

Say hello to AppsGeyser. AppsGeyser is a web platform that allows normal people (like you and me) to convert any web content to apps for Android OS. Why create an app when people can easily enter your URL in their browser? Well, since the inception of apps, people prefer to access information by simply clicking on an icon than using the browser. It’s faster and it gives your website or blog a wow factor. 
First, you have to register and make an account by going to this link.  After logging in your account, click on the “Create app now” button. After that, you’ll see 3 options: Create an app from Mobile website, web widget code or web page content. I chose the first option. The rest is no brainer, you’ll be asked to input your website URL, App Name, refresh time, description, icon, etc. After that, you can test the app on your Android device by scanning the QR Code or by downloading the app on your phone. 
My blog's Android app installed on my HTC. Too lazy to change the icon...
If you want to publish and distribute your Android App on the Android Market, you have to register as a developer using your Google Account. But the problem is, you’ll have to pay $25 first to make an account. But you can distribute your new website app through AppsGeyser for free. If you want a preview of my app, go to this link.

Or scan the QR Code below.
You have the option to choose an icon and add tabs to your app pointing to other URLs. That’s it. Let me know if you tried AppsGeyser by leaving a comment below.

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Is it applicable for iphone too? or just for android phones?

Android only. Android apps are not compatible with iOS.

nice. Thanks 4 the info

Oh Samsung Jet is Samsung Default OS...but the App is only compatible to Android...*sigh

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