Facebook for Android App News Feed Not Working Properly

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I’m so frustrated with my Facebook for Android Application right now. The News Feed forces to open a Facebook Mobile version instead of the usual Android App. I’m using a HTC Desire HD and tried to fix the problem by uninstalling the latest update, which apparently is the one to blame according to the comments on Android Market, then reinstalling the Facebook application. Doing so resolved the problem temporarily then goes back to the same Facebook Mobile version. Just uninstalling the update also fixed the problem but the notifications won’t load. I guess I have to choose between the two.

I have no problem with the Facebook Mobile version but I prefer the Android App version. I don’t know who is to blame on this; it could be Android or Facebook’s fault. But the “bug” coincides with the launching of Google+ yesterday, which is a social network would be competitor of the number one Social Networking giant. Could it be Facebook sabotaging Google’s Android? Just a speculation...  If you guys experiencing the same problem, hit the comment button.

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I have this problem right now as well. This happened after i reinstalled fb for android. I never should have done that...

i know! the same thing is happening to me on my samsung captivate!

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