An Android Experience from an Ex Symbian Lover.

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The moment I started using Android (for about 3 months already), I knew that it’s the perfect Operating Software for me after jumping out of the sinking Symbian OS. Android combined with the latest full powered hardware in mobile world today, truly defines the word Mobility. 

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Proper memory management means no more pesky “Low Memory” warning. I don’t have to worry about not being able to close properly any application. Android has proper presentation of shortcut icons without going through numerous folders and sub folders just to access a file or an app. The connectivity features stay connected unlike my old Symbian powered Nokia phones. It has a perfect WiFi tethering feature which is far from Nokia’s 3rd party app, Joikuspot. The number of useful applications alone available on Android Marketplace compared to Ovi Store is an obvious reason to prefer Android over Symbian (forget iPhone, Android Apps are mostly free while iPhone’s Apps are demo version only). And did I already mention how fast and responsive Android phones are? My old Nokia N97 would take more than a minute after booting while my new HTC Desire HD takes only 5 seconds on fast boot option and 30 seconds on normal boot.

I could go on and on and on with things on why I’m glad I switched to Android. But I still have to admit that Nokia still has the best camera phones. And Androids are power hungry devices. But I know the reason why mine drained easily, it’s because I love on using and playing with my Android phone.

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