Curse of a Busy Brain

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Below is the last post on my Friendster Blog posted a couple years ago. 

It’s 5 past 1, you’ll say it’s way over my bedtime. But my head said “I just woke up”, it’ll take a couple of hours for me to sleep again. A little stroll downstairs, a look inside the fridge, hoping to find sleep inside that cold shelf. I recall making a punch line weeks before- “My favorite past time is looking inside the refrigerator all day!”, just to get a laugh and an insult from my sisters. For now I am a pig, fifteen years before I was a lizard. Get that Darwin? A lizard to a pig in a span of fifteen years. What will it be after another fifteen years? I’ll be forty, good thing I started living healthy.Walked back to my room, checked that everything’s in place, a little detour to the CR, and took a leak just out of habit from my childhood. Yes, I’m still afraid to piss on my bed. To switch off or just leave the lights on? A little debate on my head took place. “Just leave it on and wake that notebook under your bed too” - the typical me decided. No luck, not a single bar on my neighbor’s wi-fi signal. “How about a sodoku game just to keep you sane?” - a curse of a busy brain. Hard mode will do, just to convince my mind a need to reboot. A minute and twenty more gone, the numbers placed accordingly. No more game, something else to invite sleep to my bed. A click and search for the wordpad. My fingers, a slave of a busy brain, typed for my eyes to read - It’s 5 past 1…
I hope this blog, Chopsuey Rice, will not be neglected and forgotten like my previous blogs from previous sites. It's been a month since my last post. I'm too lazy to post a thing, part of it to blame on the new Android phone (HTC Desire HD), the reason why I don't bother to open my PC anymore and also the new X Box 360.
As for Friendster, I finally opened and requested a download of my profile, pictures, etc. Not that I care about the memories attached (Ampalaya Anonymous alert!) on my FS page, it's just that I may want to read, look at whatever is left on that piece of the web. So long Friendster... You could've been the Social Network king.

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I like this blog! =D I might as well post something regarding friendster. hehe...

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