Shakey's Delivery Paid Via PayPal

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I was craving for pizza the other night and was looking for the hotline number for Shakey’s delivery when I noticed in their website that you can process your order online. So, I tried ordering online.

It was pretty easy. I just fill out a form for my information, there’s an option of saving your info so that you can just log in for your next transaction. Then, I chose the food I want from their menu which was properly presented. After that, I was directed to modes of payment upon checking out. That’s when I saw that there’s a pay via PayPal option. Since most of my income is processed via PayPal, I decided to try this option. I was directed to my log in a secure web page for my PayPal account and confirm my order. An email was sent immediately that notified me about the transaction and after 10 minutes a costumer representative from Shakey’s called me to confirm my order and location.

It was my first time to order online and first time to use my PayPal account for purchase. I normally transfer my PayPal money to my bank account here in the Philippines first before spending. The idea of fast and hassle free transaction is good and I just hope that all merchants are as efficient as Shakey’s. Well, as for the delivery time, the caller said to expect 45 minutes for my order to arrive at my footsteps, but the delivery guy was 10 minutes late. I guess the rain was to blame that time. 

For ordering online just go to this link. For telephone transactions, call 77-777. Good Job Shakey’s!

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