How to Use Cheat Engine for NBA 2K11

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If you’re playing My Player mode in NBA 2K11, you might want to know the fastest way to improve your player’s skills. One way is by playing well so that skill points are accumulated which can be later used for improving certain skills both for offense and defence. This process needs patience and you must be successful in all the objectives in every game.

The other way and also the easiest way to be a star player of your team is to cheat. For this, I recommend using Cheat Engine. You can download Cheat Engine for free. I am using version 5.6 and it works perfectly for NBA 2K11. If you don’t know how to use it for NBA 2K11, here’s my tutorial.

First, you must open both Cheat Engine and the NBA 2K11. In your 2K11, go to My Player mode, and then go to Skill Points. Go to your Cheat Engine, scan for process by pressing the search computer icon found in the uppermost left part, just under the File tab. A Process list will appear in new window, choose 2K11.exe usually found near the bottom part with the NBA icon. Double press it, and enter on the value the number of your current Skill Points. Hit First Scan. A long list in the Address and Value area will appear. You have to go back to the game and use some skill points so that the value will differ from the first value. After that, input the new Skill Points value and hit Next Scan. There should be one item left on the Address and Value area. Double click and the entry should appear below in the Frozen, Description, Address, Type, Value area. Double click the number under Value and change it to any figure you like. You should see your skill points changed into whatever number you placed. That’s it! Enjoy playing NBA 2K11 with Unlimited Skill Points!

If you want to know how to play NBA 2K11 using a generic gamepad or joystick, go to this link.

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Dude you rock! Thanks a ton, there is no way I would have figured that out on my own. Seems like a sick program.

Cheater! Hahaha! Thanks for the appreciation man.

Haha I just cheated a little....

The way I see it I earned those damn points after dozens of A+ games as MJ. Just needed a little boost to 3pt and rebounding.

The way you explained it could not have been any clearer, went perfectly, and when I saw those 30,000 points I added it felt like I won the lottery. They went way too quick though, so I removed the program from my computer to avoid future temptation. My download finger is gettin itchy again already............

I have difficulties myself when I started playing the My Player Mode. It's harder when you choose Center or Power Forward positions simply because they are slower and not good in long distance shooting at the start.

how about for xbox 360?

Do you have to open cheat engine & 2k11 on the ps3 or the computer? Sorry im new to this...

it doesnt find it


Thanks a lot men I love you dude...Let me have a kiss

What is up when your cheatengine can't find the game. Because that's the issue I'm having

For the post on May 27, 2011 12:35 PM

Make sure you get NBA 2K on first, then tab+shift to go back to the home screen and then start the program. It should find the game then

will this also work if you wanna hack my player's height or age?

NBA 2K12 na! I'm sure the same process for cheat engine can be implemented on the NBA 2K12.:) Anyone who get to try on the NBA 2K12 on PC, drop a comment here. I'll be using my XBox 360 on my 2K12.

it doesen't work for me! it changes the values but when you save it has the old values!!

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