USB Generic Gamepad (Joystick) for NBA 2K11

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I started playing 2K11 for PC a month ago. The game was difficult to play with using the keyboards and I keep on pressing the wrong buttons. Then I decided to try a cheap generic Joystick from cd-r king. The gamepad resembles a Playstation dual shock joystick except for the usual markings on the buttons. I bought the USB controller for 180 PhP (around $4). It’s a plug and play but there’s a CD for installing the software for the vibration feature (the NBA 2K11 for PC don’t vibrate).

Playstation like Joystick for PC

My computer table is always messy.

You have to configure the buttons of the Gamepad on the Options of the NBA 2K11 first. If you’re familiar with the PS3 configuration, use it. The overall experience is great. I started getting A+ grade on My Player Mode and no more pain on my wrists and fingers associated to overplaying. And another good thing is you can play 2 Player Mode (Joystick vs Keyboard or vs another Joytick). 2K11 with a USB gamepad on a widescreen PC LCD is like playing on a PS3.

Update: Posted my preferred configuration for 2K11 here. 

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bro bat yung akin di nagffunction ng tama ?

What gamepad are you using? You have to configure the buttons first. I'll post my configurations later.

gagana kaya sa call of duty black ops? ung gamepad

Di ko pa na-try sa Black Ops yung gamepad.

Tol, as in 2 players using 2 gamepads on one pc, para kayong nagpps3 sa isang pc? pwedeng i-multiplayer un?

Gamepad VS Keyboard pa lang na-try ko. 1 Gamepad lang kasi binili ko. Pero sa tingin ko pwede yung 2 gamepad. Na-try nyo na pala unlimited or infinite skill points sa My Player Mode? Na-try ko na eh.hehe Let me know kung gusto nyo malaman.

i've heard from my friend that this USB gamepad has defective analog controls. totoo ba yun bro? im inclined into buying one but im looking for other opinions regarding this matter. thanks!

It's not defective. Di lang siguro sya marunong mag configure. If you use it kasi right away from the box, di talaga gagana yun.

gamepad ba yung joystick?? pano po ma configure yun.. aksi may joystick.. :D i'm looking forward to your answer hjehehe

TOl pwd ba send mo ko sa email ko kung pano ma configure yung joystick? .. di ko kasi alam kung pano eh..

"You can play 2 Player Mode (Joystick vs Keyboard)"

Man, please, how i can play this way ? joystick vs keyboard? I just can't !

please, write on small tutorial for me in comentary man. thanks a lot

WHy Chopsuey Not Replaying?

Really I need Help on How To DO the Joystick Vs. Keyboard...

You just plug in your USB gamepad, go to options > my controller > controller setup, then configure the buttons. After that, you can play gamepad/joystick versus keyboard. I will post the configuration later.

Sir Chops, if i plug in my USB gamepad i can automatically play Joystick Vs. Keyboard?

Posted the my preferred configuration of the USB gamepad for 2K11. For Joystick/gamepad configuration. Go to this link

Sir Chops, if i plug in my USB gamepad i can automatically play Joystick Vs. Keyboard? or i need to intall smoethin?

If it's a plug and play, like the one I'm using (Generic Gamepad from CD-R King, you don't need to install a driver. Just follow the configuration I posted (read my previous comment or the link provided on the update in the post)and everything will work out just fine.

Yes.. I Can Play Now Joystick Vs. Keyboard.. Thanks SIr CHops.. and btw we got same joystick... from cdrking.

Yeah, it's so cheap, you can easily replace it when you break it. Do you follow the same configuration I'm using?

Sir Chops.. How to make my gamepad vibrate? :D

Vibrate feature is not working in 2K11.:(

Sir Chops, How To Update My Roster?

If you're using the original copy of NBA 2K11, you can update it by connecting through the internet. But if you want to update your roster manually, you can go to this site

Sir chops bakit ung RS ko pang nag configure ako di gumagana ng maayos, button 1, 2, 3, 4 ding ang naccess nya, need some help po, di naman sira ung Game pad, Thanks and More power

Sorry, di ko alam kung bakit di gumagana yung sa gamepad mo.

sir.. pano kapoh mag dunk ?? :) :D

Dunk? Sprint/Turbo button then shoot. Shoot while holding the sprint/turbo button.

sir chops kailangan b open n open para makapagdunk? puro lay up lang ang nggwa ko eh

Oo, pero kung mataas naman skill points mo kahit "in traffic" kaya nya mag dunk.

thanks! eh ung cross-over at iba pang freestyle dribble?

thaanks sir!

Mr. Chopseuy bkit ung nbili kong game controller sa cd-r king mali ung function ng right analog... may sira b ibig sbihin nun.... pls reply

help no vibration on my cd-r king usb gamepad ZSPC07!! it says it has vibrating feature but when i dunk on nba 2k11 PC (which it usually vibrates when you dunk) it doesnt vibrate... can you explain me the problem? thanks.

gagana din ba yung usb gamepad na yan sa windows 7?

Windows 7 po gamit ko. Hindi rin gumagana vibration ng gamepad ko kahit na-install na yung driver...

Sir ChopsueyRice pag di pa ba nakaplug yung usb gamepad wala talagang lalabas na configuration for usb gamepad? Tsaka natry nyo na po ba yung dalawang usb gamepad or yung doubles na gamepad kung gumagana. Salamat! Reply asap!

thnx tol nag pa tournament kc ako d2 sa lugar nmin dami adik sa nba 2k11 joystick vs keyboard. salamat kala ko d pede eh. ^^,

tol! pano paganahin ung mismong joystick sa game? nadedetect ung joystick sa laptop pero ayaw nya gumana sa mismong nba 2k11. lumalabas ung "press START" na me inverted triangle ng kagaya sa joystick...kaso pag nipress ung start sa joystick nde gumagana...zs series ng cdr king ung joystick ko...tingin mo me difference un?

mga tol my generic usb gamepad ako, gmagana nman cia sa nba 2k11 pero ung L1 button nia ayaw gumana eh, nkakatatlong gamepad nko pero same problem, any one care to help.. thanks

Gumagana ba ito kahit hindi orig yung nba 2k11?

Hindi orig yung sakin.:)

pwde b mglaro ng 2 players using 1 pc??..salamat

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