Work at Home Jobs for 2011

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Try searching online for money making opportunities. Go ahead. If you don't try, I'm sure you have done it before and did not have any luck. Earning a decent money online is hard but it's easier if you know where to look and what to look for. Blogging is a good way of earning online but there’s other way of adding extra bucks on your pockets. There’s a lot of websites that’s offering online jobs in the Internet. But, most of these sites are scam or pay little amount.  Here’s a list of some websites I recommend to earn money online. (Just an update of my previous posts).

Weegy. A Question and Answer site. You’ll be paid via PayPal upon reaching $20. Each question answered is $0.20. You can do this work any time. I already got paid 4x in this site.

Quicktate. This is a general transcription site. There’s a test to be able to get hired as a typist. Work is only available during night to early morning here in the Philippines as you’ll be transcribing live voicemails from United States. Payment is every 1st and 16th day of the month via PayPal.

Wikinut. This is an article writing site. I submitted 3 articles in this site last year and forgot about it. But I suddenly received a payment from them in my PayPal account a couple of months ago, in Pounds!

. Another transcription site. Words are transcribed as spoken by the speaker (including repetitions and noises). Got paid here once. You can work here any time but the problem is there’s no available work most of the time.

There are ways to earn money online like Clicking ads (I don’t recommend), Captcha typing, Mystery Shopping (got an offer for an assignment here by a company in Makati before Christmas which I declined) and writing reviews, but I want to post here only the sites I trust and I personally earned from.

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