Jose Rizal, Homosexuality, Adolf Hitler and Google

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Google Search Auto Suggest feature can be funny sometimes. Try starting your search with the word “is” followed by a name, you’ll see funny, weird or out of this world suggestions. 

Things like these:

Britney Spears a Werewolf?
Hogwarts Real?!
But sometimes, Google suggests something that may be offending to some individuals. 

In this particular case, a nation.

Hitler and Jack the Ripper?

I know it’s not Google’s fault since the algorithm used in auto suggest is designed to show the most searched keywords. But seriously, who would search these things?

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hahaha this is quite funny. and to answer your question: you'll be surprised with how jobless people are out there! I promise you!

Lol. Hahaha.

I completely agree with RS. It's funny what people search..

Yep! I do search weird stuffs sometimes.haha

[quote] "Yep! I do search weird stuffs sometimes.haha" [/quote]

"stuff" is a collective noun hence its already in plural form. adding an 's' (e.g. "stuffs") just make the sentence sound stupid.

Okay, I'm stupid. BTW, you forgot to put an apostrophe on you're "its". Its is possessive, while it's is short for it is. Now we're even.:) And thanks for wasting your time by correcting my mistake.

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