10 Tips When Attending the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Airfield

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1.    Be there early. If you’re from Manila, leave around 3:30 AM. You’ll be spending a lot of time in traffic jam and long queue of people getting inside the event. You don’t want to miss the flight of the balloons. 

2.    Buy your ticket from Ticketnet. If you arrived just on time but don’t have a ticket yet, you’re still late. Avoid falling in line by buying your entrance ticket ahead of time.

3.    Bring a camera. If there are no pictures, it never happened. Right? 

4.    Bring a mat, blanket or anything to sit, lie on the ground with. Consider the event a picnic in the park. 

5.    Bring finger foods and drinks. No need for an explanation for this.

6.    You might consider bringing an umbrella or sun block. If you love your white skin or just don’t want to get a sun burn, bringing with you something that can be used as a barrier between you and the sun will be a good decision. 

7.    Extra money. Even if you have foods and drinks with you, chances are you’ll find something you might want to eat during the event. The place is surrounded with kiosks for foods and souvenirs. You might want to buy a mini hot air balloon or a kite.

8.    Charge your phone and be sure to have plenty of credits on it. You or someone in your group might get lost among thousands of people. It’s embarrassing to make use of the PA system to locate someone. If with a child, make sure he/she have an ID with her with necessary information.

9.    Toiletries – a must have. One way or another you’ll have to make use of the portalets (portable toilets) in the event. A pack of wet wipes, roll of tissue, hand sanitizer is very important.

10.    Extra clothes. You might end up in a situation where you need a change of clothes (especially for ladies!)

The 16th Annual Hot Air Balloon is my first time to see the beautiful hot air balloons in Clark Airfield, Pampanga. I have a good experience during the event mainly because I was prepared for the event. I heard of stories of someone missing the flight of balloons, a child getting lost among the crowds, etc. The balloons are wonderful and the plane, parachute, paraglide exhibitions are all good. The event is well secured and the people are awesome. If my schedule permits, I’m definitely be going back there for the 17th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in 2012. 

If you have any tips for the said event, don't hesitate to write on the comment section.

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Hello, when is the 17th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in 2012 going to be held? Thanks...

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