Upside Down House of Pan De Amerikana Katipunan

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A week ago, my sister’s friends invited us to try a new place in Katipunan. They told us it’s an upside down house themed resto. I can’t imagine how good the place would be until we got there. It was literally an upside down house complete with furniture hanging above where people eat. There’s even a car and bicycle hanging outside. The place and the environment are really great. Good thing we got there early because people started to packed in while we were eating.

I did really appreciate the place; it’s not something you’ll see every day. Their Multiply site claimed that they are the first and only upside down themed resto in Southeast Asia. About the food? Well, the food is okay, not excellent but not bad either (I’ll give it a 7/10). The good thing is every single item on the menu is affordable, really affordable. We ate there as a group of 7 and we spent just around 700+ PhP for brunch. We ordered the family platter (500+ PhP) along with some other food that we don’t even manage to finish.

Photos Taken from my Camera Phone

Aside from the Pan De Amerikana in Katipunan, you can also find their other sites in Marikina, Greenhills and Makati Avenue Bel Air. I’m looking forward to try the Marikina site since it’s a Chess themed site. I definitely would recommend eating at Pan de Amerikana (don’t forget to bring a camera with you).

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