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Maybe the only time a Filipino will experience his XBox Live Gold account is when the person first registered to XBox Live. A month free of XBox Live Gold is given to every user who registers. But after that one month period, that person will be blocked every time he wants to purchase something from the XBox 360 Dashboard, from Micosoft points, XBox Live Gold membership up to downloading of Add Ons and games. Yes, the XBox Live Silver is forever free, but it’s only good for updates and free demos and you can't enjoy playing online without the Gold account.

The problem lies in the lack of regional support to some places. You’ll encounter this problem when you are required to fill out the billing form when you’re about to purchase something in XBox Live. So, how do people from unsupported regions go around this problem? Simple, just put the required info and when asked for the State and Zip Code, write recognized State and Zip Code on that region. In my case, my default region is United States (I don’t bother to change it to Singapore or any place), so I chose California on the drop down menu as my State, wrote Beverly Hills as my City and “90210” as my Zip Code. Did it work? It sure did. I tried upgrading my XBox Live to Gold account (the $2 promo for a couple of months) by linking my PayPal account. Yes, PayPal is now accepted as a form of payment in XBox Live. It’s easier to edit your billing info by going online using your PC than your XBox 360’Dashboard. My account was automatically upgraded and decided to purchase some Microsoft Points which I used for Downloading new songs for Dance Central for Kinect.

I suggest the same method for those guys who want to purchase something from XBox Live. The other method of payment is through credit card which you can also add as your payment option via their website. You can also purchase Microsoft point cards on some XBox 360 console/game sellers around Philippines.

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