Iris for Android, an Alternative for Siri

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So you own an Android phone and you’re jealous of iPhone 4S owners having Siri as their personal assistant. Luckily, the awesome people of Dexetra created an application for Android (in just 8 hours!) called Iris (spell backward and you know what it is), you can now experience Siri like application for your Android.

Iris is not as good and functional as Siri, but I had fun playing with it. It let me compose a message by talking to it and send it to the person on my phonebook. It also let me call a person on my contact list. I did encounter some problems with some names not properly identified like the name “Jomar” who Iris understood as John Mayer. Iris is also good with having conversation on general information and when it doesn’t understand you, it’ll give you some random funny answer or question. 

Iris is still in Alpha version and can be downloaded for free on the Android Market. If you want other personal assistant application, you can try other alternative like Vlingo which is more accurate and functional but not half as fun. 

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