Crocodile Farm in Puerto Princesa

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Do you know that the former biggest Crocodile was caught in Palawan? “Rio”, named after the place where she was caught is a 12 foot croc caught by Ernesto “Lolong” Coñate and his team. He was later tasked to catch the present biggest crocodile “Lolong”, but unfortunately he died because of hypertension last August 28th. Lolong the croc was named after Ernesto the croc hunter.

If you want to see how huge Rio is, visit Irawan Crocodile Farm in Palawan. For an entrance fee of 40 PhP, you can see crocs and other indigenous animals. 

Rio, the crocodile
More crocs!
Crocodile Meat, tasty tasty!
The Bear Cat

You can also try holding the bear cat and a photograph for free and a little croc for 30 PhP.

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