KaLui Restaurant Puerto Princesa, Gastronomic and Visual Feast

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If you’ll ask the locals of Puerto Princesa “What is the best place to eat”, most likely you’ll be given 2 options, Badjao Seafront Restaurant and KaLui. We tried both places and they are both superb. But if you’ll ask me to choose only one between the two, I’ll say go to KaLui.

KaLui is more accessible between the two, located at Rizal Avenue, especially if you don’t have a car with you. From The Legendary Hotel, it took us only around 15 minutes ride and an 8 PhP via a tricycle. By the way, you need to phone in for a reservation because the place is usually full of tourists and locals (we asked the hotel to make a reservation for us).

Kalu -where?!

We got a reservation for 9:00PM and got there 10 minutes early but we were allowed to get in because there are vacant tables that time. Nothing special about the outside look of the place, no parking area and you’ll just see a sign bearing the name of the place made of wood and a “bahay kubo” behind it. But wait till you get inside, the bahay kubo transforms into a very different place. You’ll see paintings, art installations with cool lights and a very nice ambience (the comfort room is uber neat too!). You’ll be asked enter the place barefoot, you have to leave your footwear on baskets at the entrance. 

Barefoot for that "parang nasa bahay lang" feeling.

Those fruits are real.

Resto or art exhibit?
Japanese style.

Most on the menu are seafood and prices are not too expensive. The presentation of the food is great and you don’t have to wait too long for it to arrive. We ordered KaLui Special of the Day Set, composed of Fish Steak, Prawns, Veggies of the Day, Steamed Fish with Black Beans Sauce, Rice and Starters. I also asked for the Kilawin and a bottle of my favourite beer. 

I love menus with uncomplicated choices.:)
Thank God for antihistamines!

Mixed fruits for dessert.

Mango with bagoong and seaweeds.

You'll never guess what this is. It's an eggplant...
I’ll definitely suggest KaLui to my friends. If you're in Puerto Princesa, just ask the tricycle drivers to take you to KaLui. Trike drivers there are friendly and serves as tourist guide too. KaLui is a great place to feast both for your stomach and your eyes.

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