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Finally tried Chicken Charlie! I went there last December 6 and decided to compare it with my Bonchon Chicken experience. To be fair with Bonchon, I ordered my Charlie’s hot and spicy chicken wings for takeout and waited for 45 minutes before eating.

"We are on a dry run"

Chicken Charlie Panay Ave had their soft opening just December 3 2011. The place is at the corner of Panay and Timog Ave, just behind BPI. The place is very neat and has six 4 seater tables and one 2 seater table. The staff is very friendly and dealt with my orders and inquiries politely.

Like Bonchon, the chicken wings retained its crispiness after 45 minutes. But the taste is different because of the soy garlic. I found the hot and spicy not as hot as Bonchon’s but I do like the flavour. I also tried their potato wedges, which I find a little salty for my taste. I enjoyed eating the Chicken Charlie bowl, the price of Php 59 is reasonable for a bowl of extra crunchy chicken strips with soy garlic sauce and rice.

I am not a food blogger or a critic, so I don’t have to say which double fried chicken is better. I can say that their foods are cheaper but they don’t offer a lot of food variety. I do like to go back to Chicken Charlie (like I always go back to Bonchon) and try the rest of their menu. Good thing Panay Ave is very near to our place.

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