Experience Windows Phone 7 Using Your Android and iOS Device

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Microsoft is now offering the Windows Phone 7 experience on your iOS and Android device via a WP Emulator. This won’t change the operating system of your phone, but will give you the feel of using it.

Microsoft is offering Windows Phone 7 experience/demo on phone running on iOS or Android. The steps are simple, just come back with your phone and visit http://aka.ms/wpdemo to check out the demo. The demo lets you swipe through Windows Phone and experience the mobile OS first hand. Microsoft populated the photos and contacts to make the demo feel as real as possible. There’s also a blue dot that’ll help you navigate the important parts of the demo. I gave it a test run and enjoyed using it for a few minutes. It does a reasonable job of mimicking the Mango interface and is as close as you can get to the real thing without going to a store and handling an actual phone.

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wow. thanks 4 the info..

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