Want a Google Plus Invite?

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People are praising Google+ since it started more than a week ago. Others tagged it as the “Facebook Killer” and the “Grown up version of FB”.  I managed to get an invite and tried it. Since it’s new, I’m not yet accustomed to its features and settings, I can’t really give my opinion regarding which is cooler between Facebook and Google+, but sure thing is I’m not leaving the Social Network King. Not yet. Not even in the near future. 

 If you wanna try the awesome new innovation from Google, send an email to the ad found on my CONTACT tab. I’ll send an invite as soon as I can.

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wow.. I was looking for a way to get invited.. it seems that google doesn't want walk-ins for that.. :p

anyway, hope you can give me one.. I would really appreciate if you can.. Thanks in advance :)

Just woke up and read the emails from those who are requesting for G+ invites. Check your emails!:)

Give me one too please!

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