All Set for Milo 35th Marathon Rain or Shine!

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This is my first time to join Milo Marathon and my 4th running event this year (3 21K and a 10K). I’m really excited for tomorrow since there will be a strict cut off time of 2 hours and 30 minutes, it’ll be a test if I can finish on time despite my weight gain of 3 kgs and lack of preparation due to nonstop rainfall.

Since there’s a great possibility of raining tomorrow, I decided to buy a cap to protect my eyes. My first experience of running under heavy rain was at the Rock and Run last year. I enjoyed running under the rain but from my experience it’s better to wear a cap or a visor to protect the eyes from rain drops. Good thing is there are baggage counters for 10K, 21K and 42K runners, I can bring extra clothes tomorrow. 

Here’s the list of things I’ll bring for tomorrow’s run:

  • Hydration belt
  • Energy drink
  • Energy gels
  • Cap
  • Ultraportable Phone
  • Money
  • Plastic (to put in my phone and money in case of rain)

I don’t think I’ll bring a camera tomorrow (or my huge camera phone) since I want to concentrate on running and I don’t want to leave valuables in the baggage area.

Good luck to all the runners at the 35th Milo Marathon tomorrow! For more info and reminders go to this link.

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