A Tooth is Expensive than Diamond

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I used to fear dentists. I hate the pain and the discomfort when they are messing with my mouth. I hate it when I have to pay them just to experience something unpleasant.

I went to the dentist a week ago for a filling, but end up getting a root canal to save my tooth. The procedure was completed after 3 visits to ensure that there will be no further discomfort and infection. I paid a total of 6200 PhP which includes 2 canals, 1 temporary and a permanent filling. The procedure went fine, good thing is I don’t feel any pain at all, only the discomfort of getting my mouth wide open and the dentist poking his instruments in my mouth.

Dental charges vary from one dentist to another. I advice to get a cost estimate first before going on with a procedure.  In my case, it’s my fault for not paying the dentist a visit earlier. I could have prevented things to get complicated if I was religious on a regular dental check up. I learned from my experience that pain and fear is only temporary, and a healthy tooth is more expensive than a diamond.  

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Yeah, I think my dentist's price is OVER.

We have to pay a price for that perfect smile.:)

i agree one tooth is far expensive than a diamond.

a sight of dentist scares me to death i have one terrible experience with them.

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