Maria Ozawa Died in the 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

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Yahoo news made an article about concerns over the safety of Maria Ozawa and now the famous AV star is rumoured to have disappeared after the 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Rumours like these easily spread because of networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, all it takes is a write up from a website speculating someone died of a certain death.

Photo from a website claiming Ozawa disappeared in the Tsunami.

Justin Bieber died, Britney Spears is dead, [insert your favorite celebrity’s name here] committed suicide. The list goes on and on. For me, if I don’t see it in a trusted website I won’t believe it. Or better wait for it to be broadcasted over tube because news on television are carefully researched and verified.

Going back to Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi, I really don’t know what happened to her. But as the jokes circulating in relation with Ozawa and the earthquake goes, “P*** stars are prone  to even worse banging and shaking, more serious than Richter 8.9. When the "VOLCANO" erupts, they can even hold the "LAVA" in their mouth. If you want a list of recently dead celebrities, go to this link.

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