DFA Passport Application and Appointment

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I tried the application for passport online yesterday since I need one for our upcoming trip to Singapore. The process is very easy and setting up an appearance at DFA , though the available date is till next month, is without hassle.

You can set up a DFA appointment through online and by calling their hot line. I did the online process since I have an internet connection but no telephone line in our house. If you opt to set an appointment online, you just have to fill out all the information requested, and choose the available appearance at DFA. You’ll receive a confirmation via email after completing the form which you can print out after verifying and bring the said form along with the required documents. 

If you choose to call the hot line, your call will be received by a customer care officer whom will assist you in setting an appointment for your passport application. You will be asked to provide personal information and be advised on the requirements you need to bring for passport application. You will be given a reference number and be instructed to go online to print your application form.

These are the processing fees for passport:

  • Regular processing: 950 PhP (20 working days)
  • Rush processing: 1200 PhP (10 working days)

I chose the Rush processing since I need a passport quickly this coming September. I received the confirmation email immediately after the online registration.

I heard of scammers and fixers who attempt to squeeze out some money from passport applicants who are not aware of the process. Please, don’t be fooled by these people. Setting up an appointment is free.
You can also renew and apply for lost passports. Click here to be directed to the DFA passport application page.

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