Best Place to Stay in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

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We had a road trip to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte a week ago. The trip took us around 15 hours to get there with a few stops for food and a need to use of a comfort room. A group of 9 inside a van, all except one are first timers to visit Pagudpud. With no experience and full knowledge of getting to Pagudpud, we rely on consulting maps, signs and asking people of how to get there. We nearly got lost for a moment but we managed to arrive at the Blue Lagoon Area of Pagudpud at 6:00 AM. 

We were torn between 2 choices of where to stay, Hannah’s Beach Resort or Agua Seda Beach resort. Both are in the Blue Lagoon Area, otherwise known as Maira-ira Point. Hannah’s Beach Resort is a nice place to stay but is more expensive. It has a pool, air conditioned rooms with cable TV and other amenities. The Agua Seda Beach Resort is a place to stay if you’re in a tight budget. The room we rented with air condition, 3 queen size beds and a shower costs us only 4000 PhP, it’ll be double the price if we stayed in Hannah’s Beach Resort.

Agua Seda has nice clean rooms. The air conditioning unit is functional; the foods are affordable but not that good. The staffs are courteous and we have no problems during our stay in the place. We even allowed drinking in front of our room and creating whatever noise we generated from our drinking session. Alcoholic beverages are also available in the resort. The beach in front of Agua Seda Resort is beautiful to look at. The sand is white and the waves are calm during our stay. There are some sea weeds floating by the clear salt water but you can manage to swim without even getting in contact with one.  

I’ll definitely recommend Agua Seda Beach Resort as one of the best place to stay in Pagudpud.

Enjoy these pictures taken by my mobile phone...

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