Manila Kingpin The Asiong Salonga Movie

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It’s about time we revive Filipino Action Movies.

Nicasio Asiong Salonga (1924-1951) is notorious gang leader who was killed by Ernesto Reyes on killed on Coral street in October 8, 1951. He was born and rasied Tondo aftwerwards he become gang leader Asiong met and married Alembong Salonga his life is inspired movies starting Joseph Estrada as Salonga in 1963 followed by Asiong Meets Alembong (1963) and Salonga Brothers (1965) also the film was remade twice starting Rudy Fernandez in 1978 and George Estregan Jr in 1990.

I know that we are not good at making action movies, but from the looks of it, the Asiong Salonga, Manila Kingpin is going to a new and better direction.

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