Dance Central 2

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I bought the Dance Central 2 game at SM North Annex for just around Php 1,600, which is Php 400 cheaper compared to Datablitz’s. My niece was nagging me about purchasing one since the day the advertisement was shown on the XBox Dashboard. I like the cheaper price because one need to purchase 400 Microsoft points ($4.99) to download the old songs from the Original Dance Central game. I used my PayPal account to purchase the Microsoft Points (will blog about it later). There’s also a 240 Microsoft points free when you purchase the game, you need to redeem it using the code given. You can use it to purchase a song from the game add ons on the Dashboard.

Dance Central 2 will not disappoint those who love the original Dance Central game. 2 players can play at the same time for co-op, battle and crew challenge. The 2nd player can join the game any time even when the song is already playing. Voice command is added; you can now choose a song or pause using your voice, although I like the gesture command better. Movements are accurately tracked by the Kinect sensor. I also like the integration of calorie counter in all modes and you can count all the calories you lose since the first time you activated the exercise mode. Exercise mode also have different categories like warm up, cardio, intervals, sprint etc. It will play a song according to the mode you choose. I tried the cardio today on Medium difficulty and it sure did made my heart pumping for 17 minutes. 

Here’s a video of my niece dancing Bad Romance on Dance Central 2.

Oh, by the way, there’s no Teach Me How to Dougie” on Dance Central 2. I hope they’ll have it as an add on someday.

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where in sm north annex? what store?

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