21KM Run With My VFF Bikila

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Vibram FiveFinger users usually advice runners to go for short distances first when shifting to barefoot running. Being the hard headed person that I am, I decided to put on my pair of Bikila for a half marathon after just a couple of weeks of test runs.

My last half marathon was at the NatGeo Earth Day Run. I finished 4 minutes short from my PR, which is not bad for a new VFF Bikila user. Running with Bikilas provided me a great experience, my last pair of running shoe normally would leave my feet painful to finish my last 3 KM during a 21KM run, but the VFF was very comfortable to run with.  But I did suffer from a very painful left foot afterward that lasted for 5 days. I felt the pain only while walking, but that is something I expected. I should’ve let my feet adjust to the minimalist pair of shoes. 

After a month of usage.

I checked the VFF Bikila for signs of wear and tear but was surprised that it handled the 21KM of concrete, asphalt and some dirt well. I will have a time to put it (and myself) on a much rougher test, a 22KM trail run next week at the North Face Trail Run in Camarines Sur. My friend was injured so he decided to give me his race kit. Until my next run...

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