My Mobile Phone as a Laptop Replacement

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Sorry for my nonexistent followers. My laptop’s video chip got fried and it took a month to get it running again. Thanks to the peeps of Cooltoyz for repairing my HP Pavilion!  Cooltoyz is located at Ash Creek Ortigas Avenue, just upstairs Starbucks near Xavier School. A month of not posting in this blog results to a lot of blog ideas stored for my next posts.

Since I have no desktop or a notebook spare, I found it difficult at first to get connected to my online friends. But out of desperation I make use of my Nokia N97 to check emails and Facebook account, using Globe’s WAP connection at first with their 5php per 15 minutes browsing. Although fast enough, I’m not satisfied with the WAP connection and the cost of just being able to connect online. Then I tried using my Sun Broadband’s (Plan 799) sim into my phone hoping I’ll be able to have unlimited and fast connection anywhere in Metro Manila. At first I was disappointed because I can’t connect using the settings configured by Sun Cellular. So I googled how to use the broadband sim and found out that the just some minor adjustment with the settings will do. I just change the access point name “minternet” to “fbband” and it’s good to go. I tried the ordinary sim card of sun and they are a lot slower than the broadband sim because they use different connection access. So, I was able to make use of my Nokia N97 as a netbook replacement. I can chat with my YM, Skype and Facebook friends using Nimbuzz. I can make use of Google maps. Unlimited browsing anytime, anywhere and it turns out I can play Farmville, Texas hold em poker and other Facebook applications with this mobile phone, but I have to use a 3rd party browser for this. The downside of using Sun cellular broadband is you can’t call and send SMS, which is too bad because it supposed to be the primary function of a mobile phone. Good thing I have my spare phone to use for my Globe line.

I’m glad that I have my laptop again. Although the experience taught me how to further optimize the use of my phone by almost using it as a laptop replacement I can say that cell phones will never replace a laptop. There are still programs and functions that a real computer can do compared to a smart phone. I’m glad to be back to blogosphere.

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