Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2010 Maria Venus Raj Dethroned: Who's to Blame?

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The Bb. Pilipinas Universe winner has been dethroned and replaced by Bb. Pilipinas runner up Helen Nicolette Henson. Maria Venus Raj was crowned last March 7th as the Bb. Pilipinas Universe. She also bagged the title Miss Friendship, Best in Terno and Long Gown. The foundation that runs the pageant found out after the coronation night that Venus Raj was born in Qatar by an Indian man out of wedlock as opposed to what her presented birth certificate says that she was born in the Philippines by Filipino parents.
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Venus Raj is a native of Camarines Sur, the province where I grew up. She’s also a friend of one of my best buddies; they used to join same pageant from which she normally emerged as a title holder because of her beauty and intelligence. She graduated as a cum laude with a degree of Communication Arts from Bicol University. At the age of 21 she’s working as an information assistant for the DENR.

Who’s to blame in a situation like this? Half the blame is on the Venus Raj and half is to those who run the pageant. We Filipinos like taking chances; we are fond of going around the system even if we know that what we are doing is wrong. Not only in pageants but also in sports and in national elections we get to witness falsifications of documents just to get what we want. The committee responsible for verification of the documents for Bb Pilipinas is also held accountable for they don’t exert their full effort to prevent things like this to happen. It is not the first time that a Bb Pilipinas is dethroned; one of the well known Bb Pilipinas title holder who suffered the same fate is Anjanette Abayari because of citizenship issues. To avoid humiliation in the part of those responsible of the pageant, the contestant and Filipinos as whole, we must practice honesty and integrate it to our daily life.

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